Organizational Charts


ARI is currently forming its organization.  Please check for changes to this web-page, or contact us directly for the most updated organizational chart.


Officers and Staff



Veljko Milanovic, D.Sc.



Executive Director:

Hongbing Liu, Ph.D.



Business Development Manager:

Michael Sullivan, MBA

Marketing & PR Consultant

Ethan-Anthony Wade

Board of Trustees

Scientific Advisory Board

Russ Cohn, Founder and Chairman
Brigade, Inc.

Dr. Prasad Chaparala, Senior Eng. Mngr

Advanced Process Technology Development 
National Semiconductor Corp. 


Dr. Goran Karapetrov, Scientist
Argonne National Laboratories

Dr. Michael Gaitan, Electronics Engineer
Semiconductor Electronics Division

Dr. Veljko Milanovic, President
Adriatic Research Institute

Dr. Chris Keller, President
MEMS Precision Instruments

Dr. Olav Solgaard, Asst. Professor
Dept. of EECS
Stanford University

Dr. Kristofer S. J. Pister, Asst. Professor
Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center
University of California at Berkeley

Dr. John S. Suehle, Electronics Engineer Semiconductor Electronics Division

Dr. Michael Cohn
Microassembly Technologies
Richmond, CA


Dr. Jon Geist
Sequoyah Technology LLC
Olney, MD